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HPLC C&S Field Service

Service experience: Waters Assoc. Field Service 1974 to 1982.  Installed, repaired, instructed, and taught in-house classes.
Field service since 1982. Factory trained on many LC brands and can supply parts and service for most LCs. For several years was in charge of instrumentation for a small consulting lab, installing and maintaining the equipment, as well as doing method development and running samples.
Payment is by check or by the following credit cards: Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express.

Until the site is completed, Make inquiries about services using Email to hplcconsulting@comcast.net. .

Field Service

1. Service Contracts. Prepaid emergency service. Can include PM visits and Validation.

2. Service on demand. Service call within 3 days of initial call is our goal. Charges by the hour plus a fixed travel charge. At the present time, the hourly charge is $110/hour on site, plus parts. Note lower hourly rate. Travel is based on drive time to the location in one hour increments. Travel, on the other hand will be adjusted to reflect skyrocketing gas and other travel expenses.

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In-house Service

Shipped to Our offices, equipment can be checked out and repaired in our shop.

System Validation

A series of tests performed and documented to insure the equipment is working to specifications. Components can be validated in the shop, but systems must be done after installation on site.


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